Welcome to Kottmarsdorf !

The little village of Kottmarsdorf is situated in the middle of Upper Lusatia's beautiful mountain region. In so far it is ideal as starting point for hiking tours.
Belonging to the township of Kottmar since 2013, the village directly lies in a border's triangle adjoining Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany.
An attractive lookout in Kottmarsdorf with a view over all Upper Lusatia offers the Pfarrberg (435m) with the windmill on top of it which is to be seen from far around the village.
This technical monument was build in 1843, and flour has been ground for exactly one hundred years whereas nowadays members of the Natur- und Heimatfreunde association are the ones who maintain the mill in its functionality as a museum.
From the beginning of May until the end of October visitors are invited to have a closer look even in the inside of the windmill where tours are offered and our guides explain you how such a mill once worked and a lot of things about its interesting history.
Right next to the windmill, in the miller's house, a hard wood fired oven is run by the Natur- und Heimatfreunde and at certain dates in the year bread and cake is baked in the traditional way. Visitors are invited to watch from the beginging how flour becomes scenting bread.
In the miller's house too, a chamber has been set up as a museum, illustrating and giving an impression of our ancestor's life. At various events throughout the whole year, such as the German Windmill Day or the annual anniversary of the mill we can welcome many guests on the Pfarrberg. These days are always good opportunities to enjoy wonderful views on the surrounding hills and mountains and a great fair-like atmosphere, even to lend a hand with turning the windmill into the wind.
We hope we could make you a bit curious about our village and to welcome you someday here in Kottmarsdorf !
For further information about the guided tours in the windmill and events during the year just visit our windmill page.

We are looking forward for your visit !
The Natur- und Heimatfreunde Kottmarsdorf e.V.